«Now that’s a cool game,» he says

There are some people who aren’t getting that message as clearly, so it’s an ongoing effort to make sure that everybody’s getting on the same page with this and recognizing how serious this is. Right now, we’re at a stage where case numbers and people who are getting sick are becoming known. That’s starting to have an impact on people’s behaviors in an important way, to prevent further disease transmission..

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This week’s AFC South toss up of the week is a big one for both thedivision race and the wild card race. Yet that doesn’t make these two confusing teams anyless annoying to predict. Houston’s inexplicable flop against Denver last week combined with Tennessee’s domination of Oakland suggests the trends will continue and the Titans will replace the Texans in the playoff picture.

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At least the game could be worth watching for the quarterback play. Rodgers 61.8 per cent completion rate this year is his lowest since 2015 (60.7 per cent), though he has thrown just one interception all season. Rodgers has thrown a franchise record 336 attempts without an interception, trailing only New England Tom Brady (358 in 2010 11) for longest such stretch in league history..

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